We provide the highest level of professionalism to communities with limited resources.

We help create more livable, safe communities that can insulate themselves from issues through better decision making.

We finish what we start and go beyond the scope of work; success for our client is success for us.

We invest in our skills and continuously integrate them into our work to deliver the highest level of service and well-designed, usable products.


Ethan Mobley, AICP


As founder and owner of Dynamic Planning + Science, Ethan coordinates product and business development. Ethan leads operations and manages everything behind the scenes from overseeing all planning efforts, to budgets, finances, and contracts. Ethan is an expert in hazard mitigation planning and has served private, local, state, and federal clients in numerous successful projects.

Brian Greer

Data Visualization Manager

Brian leads our data visualization team and brings a wealth of geospatial, data, and graphic design production experience to Dynamic Planning + Science. His primary skill is bringing technologies and technique together to integrate data, graphic, and spatial software in new ways and produce results designed to communicate.

Torie Jarvis, JD

Planning Manager

Torie is the Planning Manager for Dynamic Planning + Science. She has more than a decade of experience assisting counties, municipalities, and special districts in translating local goals and data into practical, customized local regulations and policies. Her expertise includes water quality and drinking water protection, administrative environmental regulation, oil and gas regulation, and water-related hazard mitigation planning.

Alex Krebs

Data Visualization Associate

Alex is a GIS and data visualization specialist. If it has to do with GIS, he has either done it or can learn it. From workflow efficiency development to 3D visualization and web mapping applications; Alex will grab it by the horns. He also has graphic design and web development experience, an important ingredient to GIS work that is often overlooked. Alex has his Master’s in Geography/GIS.

Ty Johnson, AICP

Planning Associate

Ty’s specialty is in land use and capital improvement projects. He has experience managing all forms of land use projects from application to project approval. He has worked with private developers on requirements building and presented their projects to local review boards including Planning Commission and City Council. His project management experience also includes leading major capital improvement projects where he has organized stakeholder committees, developed procurement process and selected qualified contractors to City Management, City Council, and ultimately managed the chosen contractor for design services.

Daniel Spivak

Planning Associate

Daniel’s background in state water resources policy research, management, and design provides an important context to our hazard mitigation and land use planning work.
Daniel has contributed to researching supportive methods for developing more robust Groundwater Sustainability Plans.

Danielle Coronado

Emergency Management Planner

Danielle unifies emergency management and the healthcare & utilities fields. She has the ability to tie in emergency management structures for various fields of expertise. Her elaborate understanding of emergency management, ensures that each product is built in a usable, clear manner, all while closely following required Federal, State, Local and Tribal Standards.

Christina Greer

Administrative, Data Analyst

Christina is an excel guru, she keeps our formulas and tables in check. As a former pricing database analyst she works with keen logic to ensure our deliverables meet the highest standard. Christina is our primary data analyst, her eyes pass over each calculation we make and every table we deliver.