City of Vacavile – HMP Public Open House

Our public open house for the City of Vacaville’s Hazard Mitigation Plan back in September update went great. Here’s a recap of what we produced for the meeting and a quick walk through of the night.

We created a lot of material for this workshop in-house from way-finding signage, to large-format hazard map posters, to custom raffle and comment boxes.

We posted this way-finding signage to help get the meeting attendees in the door.

Directional-01 Directional-02

Once attendees got in the door, they were greeting by Dynamic Planning + Science’s Christina Greer. Christina outlined the process and helped guests get signed in, got them each a raffle ticket, and oriented them to the meeting layout.


The next step after signing in is to visit the aerial map of Vacaville, grab a sticker and place it on your house. This exercise helped guests orient themselves their location within Vacaville and improve the impact of the hazard maps at the other stations.




After orienting themselves (and grabbing some pizza), attendees traveled through the room, visiting each hazard station, reading each map and visiting with our project team and City of Vacaville staff expert in each hazard subject.



City of Vacaville’s Tim Burke explaining the regulatory flood zones to a couple locals.


Dynamic Planning + Science owner Ethan Mobley, alongside City of Vacaville’s Fire Battalian Chief, Matt Lage, explaining earthquake hazard in the city.


After making their way through the hazard stations, each visitor went through the final station and put their raffle ticket in the box shown below, visitors were also asked to submit any feedback, and share their own hazard-related Vacaville images.


A couple examples of some of the historical photos brought in by attendees.


After the meeting was over, we pulled the raffle tickets and personally delivered the prizes!